Slent Road

About the Project


Slent Road (DR1123) was a 10km rebuild with a 1.5km reseal as the existing gravel road was in poor condition. The seal was a 19mm Cape Seal, the road was horizontally and vertically re-aligned and all sub-base was cement stabilized. Sealing in Winter presented a challenge, but with good planning the seal was successfully completed in August 2017.

Some interesting facts of the SlentĀ Road rebuild:

  • 2 320m of subsoil pipes laid
  • Total fill volume: 41 384.4m3
  • Total cubes spoiled: 31 167.5m3
  • G5 subbase imported and processed/stabilized: 18 417.3m3
  • G2 basecourse imported and processed: 13 642.5m3
  • Total Cape Seal build: 97 742.6mĀ²
  • Total cubes concrete poured: 1 338.2m3
Slent Road Slent Road Slent Road Slent Road Slent Road


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