Upgrade of Trunk Road 28 Section 2

About the Project


Upgrade of Trunk Road 28 Section 2 between Stanford (KM 24.00) and Gansbaai (KM 43.88) and Minor Road 4017 (KM 0.00 to KM 4.20).

The specific objective of this project is the rehabilitation/upgrading of Trunk Road 28 Section 2 (TR28/2) between Stanford (km 24.00) and Gansbaai (km 43.88) as well as the upgrading of Minor Road 4017 (OP4017) from Stanford (km -140.00) to Springfontein Wine Estate (km 4.20).

An overview of the roadworks entails the following:

Road Start End Description
TR28/2 Km 24.00 Km 43.88 Upgrade of the existing road cross-section to a rural Class 1 cross-section with 3.7m lanes and 2.0m surfaced shoulders. Partial horisontal and vertical realignment of the road.
OP4017 Stanford (SV - 140) Km 4.20 (Springfontein Wine Estate) Upgrade of the existing gravel road cross-section to a surfaced rural Class 4 cross-section with 3.4m lanes and 900mm gravel shoulders from km -0.14 to km 3.67. Re-gravelling of the remaining section of the road from km 3.67 to km 4.20.

The vertical alignment of TR28/2 will be adjusted to ensure longitudinal drainage along the road. The vertical alignment of TR28/2 was also designed to improve sight distances along the road and to ensure a cut-to-fill volume balance as far as possible during construction.


  • Strict environmental requirements are in place for topsoil management, cut-and-fill slope re-vegetation, and fauna and flora – collection, protection and/or relocation (search and rescue).
  • Four major culverts are to be constructed at the following locations within a section of wetland in Stanford and an underpass at Grootbos Nature Reserve.
  • The Seal on TR28 consists of a 20 mm Cape seal using SC-E1(t) binder with precoated aggregate, 30 % diluted cationic emulsion as penetration coat (fog spray) and two slurries.
  • Contract Commencement Date:16 August 2022
  • Contract Period (Months): 28 Months
  • Original Contract Completion Date: 6 January 2025
  • Notable quantities:
    • Cut-to-fill for Earthworks: 123 000m3
    • Imported Fill Material: 28 650m3
    • Imported G7 U-SSG: 48 000m3
    • G5 Chemically Stabilised C4 Layer: 45 000m3
    • G2 Base Layer: 42 000m3
    • Total Cape Seal: 255 000m2
    • Asphalt surfacing: 17 500m2
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