Credentials / Policies

OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Policy

Umzali Civils has established a Health and Safety Management System designed to comply with the requirements of the OHSAS 18001 standard in accordance with the company policy.
The Health & Safety Manager will be responsible for ensuring implementation and maintenance of the system and reports directly to the applicable Contracts Director.

The Company is committed to complying with all applicable health and safety legislation, regulations and any industry based best practices. To this end the Company has produced and will maintain a register of legislation and has subscribed to a third party organization to ensure that all new and updated items of legislation are updated and controlled on a continual basis.

The Company is committed to continual improvement and will set itself health and safety related targets and objectives. These targets and objectives will where possible be quantitative. The targets and objectives will be reviewed at least annually and will be modified from time to time in order to affect a process of continual improvement. Targets and objectives established will cover all aspects of the Company’s activities and will aim to improve the health and safety performance of the Company.

The Company will implement, maintain and communicate this policy to all employees and will ensure that subcontractors used by the Company will be fully aware of this policy. This policy will be made available to all subcontractors and the public.

The policy will be reviewed at least annually.

The Health and Safety Management System established by the Company is designed to comply with the requirements of the OHSAS 18001 standard and is appropriate to the nature and scale of all its activities. This Policy will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the activities of Umzali Civils.

ISO 9001:2000 Quality Policy

It is the Policy of Umzali Civils (Pty) Ltd to maintain a quality system designed to meet the needs and expectations of customers, requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and to adopt and implement the Quality principle of ‘Right First Time’ during the execution of Civil engineering projects.

We believe that a policy of quality assurance is necessary in order to guarantee our customers a consistently high level of service that fully meets their requirements.

To this end the Quality Manuals have been formulated and will be the main guide to achieving and maintaining a totally safe and high quality service. All personnel are responsible for the quality of their own work and all employees will make themselves familiar with the systems and procedures laid down in these manuals and implement them during the appropriate operations.

The management undertake to provide the resources and training necessary to ensure that all obligations under the standard can be met. The system dictates that where problems do arise, they must be dealt with in an efficient and professional manner. The Quality system will be continually monitored and updated where necessary.

The quality policy will be prominently displayed ensuring that all personnel are fully conversant with the quality aims of the Company. The policy is publicly available and is on the Company’s website.

The management of Umzali Civils (Pty) Ltd will strive to continuously improve the Quality Management System and by doing so improve the service offered by the company. To this end the management will clearly define quality objectives and ensure their continuing relevancy.


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